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How To Skimo

Suffering + soaring: skimo is an endurance athlete’s winter dream. Once you figure out what it is, what you need, and how to do it, that is. Let us help you out with that. Skimo stands for ski mountaineering, an extension of backcountry skiing in which skiing uphill and boot packing is utilized to get you from the base of the mountain to the summit and back down again. Did that totally freak you out? Don’t worry, we’re not going to delve into the technical side of the sport. Th...

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Travel Tips for Athletes

Escape home and explore an exotic place by signing up for a race. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a magical vacation, right? Yes! Until your luggage gets lost, you get sick, you have trouble adjusting to the time change, and you can’t find food you like to eat.  Okay maybe this is a little extreme. We hope. But odds are that your idyllic dream vacation will not sail quite as smoothly as you anticipated when you clicked “register.” To help you avoid these potential pit...

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FuelBelt Introduces its Fierce, Fast, and Fun 2018 Ambassador Team

Since Vinu Malik designed the first hydration belts and launched FuelBelt in 1997, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of hydration gear. Twenty years later, our goal remains the same: provide the most streamlined hydration, storage, and safety solutions that minimize disruption and maximize comfort so you’re equipped to perform at your best.  We’re thrilled to introduce this year’s squad of ambassadors who are equally committed to pushing themselves and their limits....

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Lessons from the Boston Marathon

This year’s Boston Marathon churned up limitless frozen precipitation and perspiration to serve as inspiration. Nearly 30,000 runners faced possibly the worst weather in the race’s 122-year history. On the women’s side, the race brought an end to a 33-year American winner draught, with Desiree Linden proving that the sixth time down Boylston Street is the charm.  On the men’s side, the race was won by a man who transcends marathoning both as a runner and human. Yuk...

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