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Top 10 Hydration Tips

1.) Find a Baseline for your sweat rate

Weigh yourself before and after an hour run. You will need to drink 20-24oz of liquid for every pound lost. Additionally, you can check your urine’s color. It should be pale but not colorless. If it is too dark, you need to hydrate more. If it is colorless, you may be over-hydrating.

2.) Drink before, during and after you exercise

If you get behind with your hydration, it is better to slow down and drink than to skip it entirely

3.) What and when you drink is determined by many variables

These variables include length of run, outside temperature and your pace. Water or a low-calorie sports drink will suffice for runs under an hour. For one to two hours, choose a sports drink with 60g of carbs and 300-1000mg of sodium per 32oz. For runs that are longer than 2 hours, use an endurance sports drink

4.) Experiment and practice your hydration plan

Don’t wait until race day to try your hydration plan – experiment and practice during your training. Keep a log of what works for you to determine your best race day fluid replacement strategy.

5.) Drink Small amounts at one time, but drink often

This will allow for proper absorption. A good rule of thumb is 6-8oz every 15 minutes. FuelBelt bottles hold 7oz for easy monitoring of liquid intake.

6.) Avoid commercial soft drinks

Avoid empty calories and choose an electrolyte sports drink instead.

7.) Pre-hydrate

If you are an early morning runner, keep a glass of water by your bedside and hydrate throughout the night.

8.) Give your bladder a break

Stop drinking one hour before a race to give your bladder a break and help settle your stomach

9.) Stick to what you know

In the days leading up to a race, do not experiment with food or drink. Keep to what you know and have been training with to avoid any surprises on race day

10.) Be smart, know your limits

Consult your personal physician before engaging in physical exercise